Your positive home pregnancy test may have caused you shock. After sitting in disbelief, taking more tests, or calling a friend, you now choose what to do about your unplanned pregnancy.


As you decide between parenting, abortion, and adoption, you should evaluate how each choice will affect your relationships. In this article we will discuss how abortion could alter your current and future relationships.


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Does my boyfriend really care if I have an abortion?

Your boyfriend may say that he supports you in whatever you decide, but men don’t realize that an abortion often affects them as well. Your boyfriend may not voice if he wants to parent your baby because he’s afraid that his input doesn’t matter. Although the choice is yours, you should have an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend. Talk about how abortion might affect both of you and how it could change your relationship.


Will my boyfriend break up with me after an abortion?

After an abortion, a man may feel sad or experience grief but not know how to communicate his feelings. When his partner also experiences her own emotions after an abortion, the couple may have difficulty communicating or connecting.


My boyfriend is pressuring me to have an abortion. Will we break up if I don’t?

Maybe your boyfriend thinks that abortion will solve your relationship troubles or make life easier for both of you, but no one can force you to get an abortion. Even if he suggests abortion, he may still experience emotional numbness afterward. Or if a woman felt that he pressured her, she may experience anger towards him later and want to end the relationship.


Does abortion affect your sex life?

For a few months after an abortion, almost twenty percent of women report that their sexual drive decreases. She may have felt unsupported during the abortion decision, so she becomes guarded and is less inclined to be spiritually or physically intimate.[1]


I’m pregnant after a one-night stand. Would abortion affect my dating relationships?

An abortion cannot completely erase the memories of an unplanned pregnancy after a one-night stand. So, if a woman experiences emotional numbness after an abortion, she may find it difficult to connect in a new relationship emotionally or physically.


How does abortion affect my relationship with my friends?

Even if you have supportive friends, abortion can be an extremely difficult topic to share with your friends. Some women fear what others will think or how they will react. Carrying a secret often prevents connecting with friends on a deeper level.


My parents are forcing me to have an abortion. Will that change our relationship?

No matter what your parents say, no one can force you to abort. If you feel that they are forcing you, you should consult a trusted adult outside of your family.


Parents may think that abortion will preserve the family’s relationships and reputation. Abortion agitates a family’s relationships. Afterwards, daughters process the pain of their abortion alone because their parents never talk about it again. In silence, they may distance themselves from their parents.


Will abortion affect my relationship with my kids?

Research shows that after an abortion, mothers may have difficulties bonding with their children because of unresolved grief or guilt. Some mothers feel that future children could never replace the baby she chose to abort, and so they have difficulty bonding with their children.


Does abortion affect my relationship with myself?

Following an abortion, a woman experiences a wide of emotions that appear months to years later. Women often report feelings that occur over time such as: anxiety, worthlessness, and self-hatred. [2]


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