Let’s be honest, facing an unplanned pregnancy is not for the faint of heart. It can be difficult to process. You may be wondering how you ended up in this situation. Especially, if it was only one night fling.

Learning how to cope with an unplanned pregnancy and handle your pregnancy is important. If you’ve just learned about your pregnancy, you might need some time to recover from the shock. You may feel like your life is over. Many women think they’re the only ones who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, but in actuality, more than 45 % of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended.

So, how do you cope, and how can you handle this situation?


1. Take a deep breath

You don’t have to make a decision this minute or even today. Go for a walk. Listen to calming music. Slow down even for a few minutes to just breathe. You’re stronger than you think you are, and this is not the end.


2. Acknowledge your feelings

If you haven’t experienced an unplanned pregnancy before, you can’t expect to know how to accept it right away. After seeing a positive pregnancy test, you might be feeling a myriad of emotions that can be positive or negative, and both simultaneously. You might still be in disbelief. You might be excited and terrified at the same time. Or you might be angry — at your partner, at yourself, or simply at the world.

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel dread or despair. And don’t feel guilty about not coping well with your pregnancy in the “right” way. Emotions are complicated. Some women feel ambivalence when they learn they are pregnant, making accepting an unplanned pregnancy even more complicated.


3. Find unbiased support

Finding unbiased support can help you sort out what’s emotionally driven and factual. At Care Net of NNY, we provide consultations on all pregnancy options. We do not pressure any of our clients. Instead, we help women sort through their thoughts, emotions, and feelings while offering them accurate information in order to make the best decision for them.


4. Find affordable medical support with licensed medical professionals

At Care Net of NNY, we have licensed medical staff to provide you with a first-trimester ultrasound that will confirm if there is or is not a pregnancy.

According to Very Well Family, early pregnancy miscarriage occurs in about 10 percent of all recognized pregnancies. Second-trimester miscarriages occur in about 1 to 5 percent of pregnancies. We offer an ultrasound to rule out a miscarriage as well as determine if there is an ectopic pregnancy.


5. Community referrals

This may not be a need in this instance, but by the time you leave Care Net NNY, we will equip you to know where to go for your next steps. We can get you the correct information for your specific needs.


So, if you think you may be pregnant and would like to know your options, we’re here to help! Contact us today!