Your unplanned pregnancy may cause you to feel uncertain about your future. Many women choose to continue pursuing their dreams by placing their babies for adoption. Misconceptions exist about adoption, so keep reading to discover the truth!


What is adoption?

In adoption, a birth mother signs a document that gives her parental rights to another parent (or parents). A woman makes a choice to place her baby for adoption at any point in her pregnancy. An adoption agency walks with the woman through the entire process, ensuring that her desires are met.


How many adoptions happen in a year?

In the United States, about 20,000 private adoptions occur every year! [1]


What is an adoption agency?

A third-party agency, or adoption agency, facilitates the adoption process. They walk with birth mothers and adoptive families to ensure that everyone has the resources, knowledge, and support they need. Adoption agencies can be local to a city or exist nationally.


How do I pick an adoption agency?

To pick an adoption agency, you’ll first want to know what your own desires are for the adoption process. As you research, ask agencies questions that really matter to you. Talk to families who have used the agency to either place a baby for adoption or who have adopted a baby.


You’ll also want to know what your state requires for an adoption. Most importantly, have someone who supports you as you navigate it all. At Care Net, we can connect you with trusted adoption agencies and would love to walk with you through the process.


Does the adoption agency make all of the decisions in an adoption?

Most adoption agencies empower a woman to make decisions throughout the adoption process. Typically, a woman forms an adoption plan that outlines her desires for the adoption. She includes details like how she wants to choose a birth family, how she wants the birth in the hospital to go, and if she wants to remain in contact with the adoptive family.


What is the difference between a closed and an open adoption?

Most women choose an open adoption. In an open adoption, a woman keeps contact with the adoptive family throughout the baby’s life. Often facilitated by the adoption agency, the woman and adoptive family exchange photos, have phone calls, and even make visits to one another. If the birth mother and the child both desire, they can form a relationship over the years.


Some women choose a closed adoption because they do not want to stay in contact with the adoptive family. Sometimes, an adoption agency will still facilitate the exchange of anonymized photos between the families. Only about five percent of all adoptions are closed. [2]  


How does a birthmother choose an adoptive family?

An adoption agency shows a birthmother various profiles of adoptive families. The profiles include information such as the size of their family, their religious beliefs, their jobs, their location, their hobbies, and other details. Then, the birthmother can meet the family in person to ask them as many questions as she wants. She has the freedom to choose whichever adoptive family she wants for the baby.


What are the adoption laws in New York?

Adoptions can only occur through an adoption agency in New York. A birth mother may sign away her parental rights and she has 45 days to change her mind.


Can a woman get paid to give a baby up for adoption?

Receiving money for your baby is illegal. But, in New York, a woman who places her baby for adoption may receive payments for living expenses and medical fees. These expenses can be paid 60 days before and 30 days after the birth of the baby. Adoption agencies will facilitate the transfer of funds.


Does the father have to know if I want to place my baby for adoption?

In New York, legally, the father does not have to be notified. However, some adoption agencies may facilitate telling the father so that there are not further complications in the adoption process.


Why would a birth mom give up her baby for adoption?

A birth mother may choose to place her baby for adoption because of her past, present, or future. Women who do not feel ready to parent bravely choose adoption for their babies. In making that selfless decision, a woman can continue pursuing her life dreams, while ensuring that a family loves and cares for her baby.  


Is adoption good for the baby?

The adoption world has changed over the years. Now, more research and resources exist for children who have been adopted. Because a birthmother selflessly chooses to place her baby for adoption, the baby can thrive within a loving adoptive family.


Before you make a decision about your unplanned pregnancy, call Care Net of NNY at (315) 782-5433 to make an appointment. We will first confirm your pregnancy and then empower you with the education you need to make the best decision for you and for your pregnancy. We’ve got your back, and you’ve got this!