Shock reverberates throughout your body as you stare upon the little stick upon which you just peed. Pregnant. A word you never thought you’d use to describe yourself. At least not today. Being pregnant was not part of your plan today, or perhaps ever.


Over half of the pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. So, although you aren’t alone in your uncertainty, ask yourself what about an unplanned pregnancy causes you the most angst. Embrace the answers that come.


Despite what you may have heard from society or from the people around you, you do not need to justify why your pregnancy feels unplanned. Whether your pregnancy shakes you at your core because of your dreams, your relationship status, your future, your health, or simply your fears, give yourself permission to fully accept the uniqueness of your experience.


Invariably, you have experienced a range of emotions. If you haven’t, you might still yet. Or you may simply feel numb. Whatever you’re experiencing is understandable. Extend grace to yourself as you navigate this unplanned journey. As feelings come, face them and embrace all of them. If it helps, speak your thoughts aloud or journal them, with the gentle reminder that there are no right or wrong feelings.


If you have someone you trust to be non-judgmental and compassionate, share your thoughts with them. But remember that your unplanned pregnancy remains a deeply personal experience for you.


If you feel like your life is over, that’s okay. You couldn’t have known that today you would be pregnant, so every day after today probably feels uncertain and unknown. As your mind swirls with thoughts, you may not even be able to think about what options are available to you or what steps to take next.


At Care Net of NNY, after a pregnancy test, our licensed medical professionals want to help you determine the viability of your pregnancy with a free ultrasound. Then, our highly qualified staff will confidentially discuss your thoughts and your options.


An unplanned pregnancy does not define you. In fact, there is hope for you and for your future. Take control of your life today and give us a call at (315)782-5433.